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Fairlight Packages the Grammys

Hollywood audio post facility Sound Design Corporation used Fairlight's Xynergi consoles on the nominee and other clip packages for the GRAMMYS.

Hollywood, CA (February 17, 2012)—Hollywood audio post facility Sound Design Corporation used Fairlight’s Xynergi consoles on the nominee and other clip packages for the GRAMMYS.

Sound Design’s president, Paul Sandweiss, a voting member of NARAS (The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) has been working with the Grammys since the late 1970s. He and his team are responsible for creating the sound of the clip packages that highlight the nominees’ efforts, as well as any other video packages that roll in the show.

“Once the packages have been edited, we have the task of recording the announce copy, blending, mixing and sound designing any transitions, as well as the overall mixed sound of the packages,” says Sandweiss. The Grammys, which is typically a three-hour music award show, has anywhere from 10-20 awards with four to six nominees per category.

The process from start to finish can be tricky, especially as changes are made on the fly and different awards and presenters are added or dropped. However, with the Xynergi console, Sandweiss says the workflow is easily manageable.

“Once we are done with our final mix, we use the Xynergi controller to control the HDCam recorder, where we marry our mix with the final picture. The final mix is layed back as two stereo stems. One stem is the final mix minus the announcer, and the other stem is the announcer, so the front of house and monitor mixers can build their own mix regardless of our broadcast mix. That way everyone has control of the sound elements they need for their audience, be it performers, audiences in the live venue, or those at home watching the broadcast live on TV.”

Sound Design Corporation is also responsible for mixing the in-memoriam package, a showcase of members of the music community who have passed away over the last year.