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Focusrite Pro Podcast Marks One-Year Anniversary

The "Focusrite Pro Podcast" has released nearly 25 episodes in its first year, covering pro audio topics of all sorts with hosts marketing manager/producer Daniel Hughley and global marketing manager Ted White.

Focusrite Pro Podcast
AES President Nadja Wallaszkovits records her episode of the Focusrite Pro Podcast in conversation with Focusrite’s Dan Hughley (right background) and Ted White (right foreground) on the show floor of the AES Convention 2019.

Los Angeles, CA (June 18, 2020)—Time flies when you’re having fun, and the Focusrite Pro Podcast marked its one-year anniversary in June. With nearly 25 episodes released during that time, Focusrite marketing manager Daniel Hughley—who’s also the show’s host and producer—has talked with top names across the industry about popular topics including Dolby Atmos, Audio over IP, podcasting basics, the future of the AES, and developing a career in audio.

“The evolution of the Focusrite Pro Podcast is very close to my heart,” said Hughley. “We started with the crazy idea of attempting to record a few episodes on a busy and noisy NAB trade show floor, and, like with most startup podcasts, we weren’t sure that people would listen or if we would even be able to book guests. We hit our stride around episode 7 or 8 when Ted White [Focusrite Pro global marketing manager] joined in as my full-time co-host. Ted has a very broad and technical studio background, and I’m more of a curious novice. Paired up, Ted and I have good chemistry on the mic, and I appreciate that Ted can talk to guests on a more technical level while I ask the big-picture questions. We’ve also hired a freelance editor, Bryan Entzminger, to take some of the workload off of me, and Bryan has helped us tremendously.”

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Hughley can cite highlights from every episode, but his favorite edition remains episode 14, with historical audio restoration specialist and 2019 AES president Nadja Wallaszkovits. “Nadja’s passion shined through both during the interview and during the editing process. The work that Nadja has done throughout her career is extremely important to the history of audio recording.”

Terri Winston, executive director of Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) was the subject of episode 19, which Hughley also singles out: “I always love speaking to Terri. She teaches and empowers young women to become audio engineers and production experts. Through their school and studios in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area, WAM has reached many women and many of them from underrepresented areas. Terri is just one of my favorite people to talk to both on and off mic.”

Episodes 20 and 21 together are a two-part in-depth conversation, “Shaping the Audio Industry as We Know It,” with former Pro Sound News editor, technical writer and consultant Frank Wells, who is a past president and current director of communications for the Audio Engineering Society. Hughley remarks, “Frank was the first industry contact I made in my career. This was when he was president of AES, but I didn’t know it at the time. Just like he never spoke to me about how he helped to shape the pro audio industry as we know it, until I got him on the mic and pressed him for it. Frank is a super humble man and just a pleasure to speak with. Our industry wouldn’t be where it is today without Frank Wells.”

Hughley sums up the podcast’s journey since its launch: “Over the last year we’ve watched our listenership increase, and lately we’ve had guests come to us requesting to be on the show. Working on this podcast and working with podcasters are two of my favorite things that I do in my role at Focusrite. We have some great things in store for year two, and we look forward to sharing these future episodes with you.”

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