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Fox Installs Yamaha on Newman Stage

Since installation, the console has been used on such films as The Greatest Showman, The Mountain Between Us and Ferdinand.

Buena Park, CA (April 25, 2018)—After consulting with 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles about a monitor console for The Newman Scoring Stage, Hollywood Sound Systems installed a Yamaha Rivage PM10.

“Stage engineer for The Newman Stage, Denis Saint-Amand, established the criteria for what Fox was trying to achieve when replacing the existing monitor console at their film scoring stage,” states Les Harrison, president of Hollywood Sound Systems. “We first proposed a solution four years ago using a Yamaha PM5D and DSP5D which achieved the necessary channel count and the ability to silently recall setups without fan or fader noise on the recording stage.

“As conversations continued, and other manufacturer’s products were considered, in 2017, we proposed the new Yamaha Rivage PM10 that had just been introduced. The Fox team viewed the console at a trade show and we were asked to move forward to provide a demo.

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“A proof of concept based on an earlier project was mocked up, and the team visited Hollywood Sound where 112 orchestral tracks on Yamaha Steinberg’s Nuage system were fed to the PM10, and the material was bussed and distributed to an array of Yamaha MSP5 monitors. This allowed us to mimic the way the Fox operators were used to working and to reinforce and audibly ‘visualize’ where and how the many headphone mixes would be deployed.”

Harrison said, “It was paramount that the chosen console be leading-edge technology without being risky. It had to be reliable and robust like a touring product, but compare favorably in an environment whose benchmark is a $1.5 million-dollar console that sits 20 feet away. The Fox team was impressed with the evolution of the new Yamaha console and tossed ideas around on how the PM10 could be helpful in setup, reliability and operation. A final demo for management was scheduled at The Newman Stage, with Kevin Kimmel from Yamaha at the helm. It was soon decided that a purchase would be planned for their new fiscal year.”

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Saint-Amand further added, “Scoring mixers Armin Steiner and Shawn Murphy were very supportive of the upgrade, and their input was invaluable and instrumental in our decision.”

Since installation, the Yamaha console has been used on such films as The Greatest Showman, The Mountain Between Us, Ferdinand, and TV shows Orville, American Dad, Family Guy and Empire.

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