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Calrec Doubles Down Down Under

Fox Sports Australia now has a second Calrec Artemis console.

Sydney, Australia (January 18, 2018)—Fox Sports Australia is now on-air with a second Calrec Artemis digital audio console at its Sydney headquarters after replacing a Calrec Zeta console that was installed in 2008.

The new 48-fader Artemis console, installed in Studio B, went live at the end of November 2017 with a prerecorded UFC preview show followed by Just for Kicks, a live-audience football entertainment show on Fox Sports 501.

The decommissioning of the Zeta and installation and commissioning of the Artemis took less than 48 hours by a team assembled by Fox Sports Australia broadcast projects engineer Mick Gergos. The show files were prepped and checked beforehand, so when showtime arrived, the operators reportedly pushed up the faders and were operating.

“Since we already work with the same desk in our other studio, adding a new Artemis guaranteed a smooth transition for our crew,” said Fox Sports Australia Network head of audio Antony Koveos. “We effectively mirrored and networked the facilities by adding Dante cards in both studios and the intercom system. This has given us a high-capacity intercom interface that extends to the outside world and is now available on our outside broadcast network.

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