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Genelec Makes a Splash

Noise Floor Post's Genelec 5.1 surround array is making sure that the sound of ABC TV's Splash is going swimmingly.

Natick, MA (April 17, 2013)-Noise Floor Post’s Genelec 5.1 surround array is making sure that the sound of ABC TV’s Splash is going swimmingly.

ABC-TV’s series Splash, which debuted on March 19 and immediately drew an audience of over 11 million viewers, follows 10 celebrities as they train and compete in regulation platform and springboard diving in front of a weekly poolside audience. Noise Floor is using a 5.1 array comprising Genelec 8250A (LCR) and 8240A (surround) DSP monitors, plus a 7270A subwoofer that’s used in conjunction with the AD9200A analog-to-digital converter.

Genelec’s 8250A and 8240A both reflect the company’s Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) concept, which allows monitors to be controlled with digital networking to enable the building of computer-controlled systems of monitors.

Noise Floor Post co-owner and re-recording mixer Michael Solano, who founded the company with partner and supervising sound editor Ryan Owens in 2007, has been mixing television for 15 years. He says the show is shot in front of a live audience, necessitating a lot of individual sound elements. “We’re trying to get as many microphone sources as we can and not just relying on the line mix,” he says. “We’re deconstructing that and recutting to make it a very engaging show from a sound point of view. The live components are what makes it unique; you have an audience around the pool and you need to reflect all of the action that’s constantly taking place.”

The AD9200A converter outputs AES3 format with 24-bit word length and 192 kHz sample rate, allowing Solano to control it through the studio’s Avid Icon console. “This enables me to use the control surface to do functions like muting and soloing as needed,” he explains.

“We’re planning on converting all of our rooms to Genelec in the future,” he adds. “We plan to become an all-Genelec facility, because it’s taken us to the next level as an audio post production company.”