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Gershin is Not Lost in Translation

Scott Gershin, who has worked on over 100 films, including American Beauty, Pacific Rim, Shrek and The Book of Life, discusses his approach to consistent content playback across mediums.

Los Angeles, CA (February 4, 2020)—Working across the motion picture, broadcast, streaming, video game and virtual reality (VR) sectors, sound designer, mixer and supervisor Scott Gershin has been using Nugen Audio’s plug-in solutions for a multitude of applications.

“The most important consideration for audio tools and plug-ins is that they work transparently and do their job without adding coloration to the output,” says Gershin. Throughout his 30-year career, Gershin has worked on over 100 films, including American Beauty, Pacific Rim, Shrek and The Book of Life.

View from the Top: Paul Tapper, NUGEN Audio

“Not only do the Nugen Audio tools make my life easier,” he continues, “but they deliver output that sounds as close as possible to the original source materials. Plus, the reliability and quality of the tools are fantastic.”

Among Gershin’s Nugen toolkit is the VisLM visual loudness meter, Halo Upmix/ Downmix 5.1/7.1 plug-in, LM-Correct loudness measurement and correction tool and ISL real-time True Peak limiter. All of which, Gershin finds, “are a wonderful set of tools that help me understand what I am delivering with regards to volume and spatial information.” Gershin also incorporates Nugen’s SigMod custom architecture plug-in, which features 12 signal process modules for easy modification, into his workflow.

An important aspect of Gershin’s role is ensuring that his content can be played back correctly via multiple mediums and still retain the creativity and expression that he, his audio team and their clients create. “Where I find Nugen shines is when we have to make deliverables to numerous formats for the same project,” he explains. “Each playback medium presents its own set of challenges—whether it be a theater, a sound bar, headphones or speakers on the back of a tablet. Each provides a different viewing and listening experience, and we want to make sure our design and mixes translate correctly for each one. Nugen’s technologies help us create soundtracks that translate to an incredible listening experience.”

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