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Grassmark Oy Goes with Sonifex

Finnish sports broadcast production company Grassmark Oy discovers one size can fit all.

Finland (July 23, 2018)—Everybody love custom-built gear, designed to work exactly how they think, but it’s not always a practical route. That’s what Finnish AV Production company Grassmark Oy discovered earlier this year while trying to develop its own broadcast commentator units

Founded in 2007, Grassmark Oy specializes in broadcast and event video productions, and streaming, offering turnkey-solutions to many sports events, concerts and corporate events. Some of the company’s biggest events this year include the National Premier League of Football and the Paavo Nurmi track and field games.

View From The Top: Fraser Jones, Independent Audio

In all the company does more than 1,000 productions a year, so its need for commentary units that would integrate with its existing systems was no small matter. Esa Arokki, vice president of Grassmark Oy, commented, “We [tried] to make our own devices first; pretty soon we noticed that it would have taken too many resources to do this by ourselves. So, we tested a couple of different alternatives and ended up purchasing Sonifex units. They were familiar to us from broadcast use and they have fulfilled our expectations when it comes to audio quality. The build quality is also excellent, they’re really sturdy and ideal for sports ground use.”

Ultimately, Grassmark bought a number of Sonifex products—a dozen CM-CU21 commentator units, three DHY-04GS automatic GSM hybrids and a number of audio distribution amplifiers. The CM-CU21 provides two fully featured commentator positions and a third guest position that can alternatively be used as a line-level input. Each position has an individual output, with two additional outputs providing a mix of all active commentary channels. There are two talkback output channels, with a built-in limiter and various headphone monitoring facilities.

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Having recently won a tender by YLE to do outsourced radio productions from religious events, Grassmark plans to buy more Sonifex gear in the near future.