High Rock Mobile Television has built a new production truck, High Rock 1, with a 40-fader Calrec Audio Artemis Light audio console.

Hebden Bridge, UK (December 15, 2017)—High Rock 1, the first production truck to roll out of Saratoga Springs, NY-based High Rock Mobile Television, features a 40-fader Calrec Audio Artemis Light audio console.

The 40-foot, dual-expando vehicle is designed to offer big-truck production capabilities in a smaller footprint. Bennett Engineering sourced the Artemis and provided installation and integration for all systems in High Rock 1, which was manufactured by Gerling and Associates.

"Although we'd never worked with Calrec before, their reputation in the industry precedes them. We spoke to a range of audio engineers, and we got a broad consensus that the Artemis was the best choice for High Rock 1," said Jim Carr, president, High Rock Mobile Television.

"Also, we wanted to adopt equipment that everyone—freelancers included—would be familiar with. Calrec desks are really widespread in the mobile broadcasting world, so the Artemis fit the bil… Practically any A1 is able to come right on the truck and start using the desk immediately without a learning curve. The ability to save a baseline default setting really reduces the time needed to set up a show, and the different engineers appreciate the ability to save their own profiles. Plus, the console's smaller size makes it ideal in a truck environment where space is at a premium."

High Rock 1 can cover productions with up to 12 cameras, is designed for all levels of production and offers specs similar to a traditional 53-foot production truck. Since the truck's launch in September 2017, the Artemis has been used on several high-profile sporting events including horseracing, track and field, and entertainment events.

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