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Hobo’s ‘The System’ Honored at Content Festival

Recognition bolsters audio post house’s first self-produced TV Series.

New York, NY (October 30, 3019)—Hobo Films, a division of audio post, sound design and music studio Hobo Audio, recently took home top honors at the Catalyst Content TV Festival, with its first self-produced, longform TV series, The System, winning best actor and best editing honors for the pilot episode.

Hobo on the Move

Created, developed and financed independently, the pilot features the audio post and sound design work of Hobo’s Diego Jimenez and composer Oscar Convers. The Hobo Audio team created the sound for the pilot using an integrated, multi-level approach, editing and leveling the dialogue before Jimenez built the environments for each scene by pulling and mixing sound design. Working with the show’s producer and director, Convers served as musical director and lead composer.

“The interplay between visuals and audio is like a dance,” Hobo president Howard Bowler notes. “It is constantly in motion, but the sound has to breathe. By opening space within the mix, the team was able to bring an emotional power to the project that would otherwise remain hidden and this becomes a most satisfying experience for the viewer.”

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Hobo Films is the latest venture from o Hobo and Green Point Creative, the marijuana advocacy agency whose 2017 PSA “This Is Your Brain on Drug Policy,” starring actor Rachael Leigh Cooke, went viral with over 7 million views on social media. The first project from Hobo Pictures, The System is a dramatic series about the real-world effects of the drug war on a New Jersey middle-class family.

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