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Hunan TV Upgrades OB Truck with Stage Tec

A Crescendo mixing console was used for a truck upgrade in China.

Changsha, China (June 21, 2018)—Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec has modernized a second OB van for Chinese satellite TV station Hunan Television, which is headquartered in Changsha, upgrading it with a Crescendo mixing console.

Hunan TV, which has the highest audience ratings in China after CCTV, previously installed a Stage Tec Aurus in one of its five OB trucks. The audio technology renewal in this second OB van had reportedly become necessary because the previous broadcast console was increasingly unable to meet the requirements of large productions.

AURUS and NEXUS mixing the Sound of Hollywood

The previous console’s shortcomings were due to lack of capacity and its rigid bus structure. The newly installed Crescendo, however, offers up to 96 input channels with 48 buses or up to 108 input channels with 32 buses.

The new console has 24 faders and is integrated into a Nexus network. The Star router is equipped with two RMDQ DSP boards for maximum console performance.

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The latest OB van with Crescendo is used for important live events, like national congresses, major sporting events and show productions.

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