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Inside the Audio of House Hunters

Capturing audio for the HGTV tent-pole program keeps Randy Sparrazza on the move.

Fort Myers, FL (July 11, 2018)—While the HGTV network show House Hunters, follows couples as they try to decide which of three houses to purchase, sound mixer Randy Sparrazza didn’t really have that kind of dilemma while deciding what gear to use for capturing on-location audio for the show.

Having worked on nearly 20 episodes of House Hunters, through more than 70 days of shooting nationwide, Sparrazza has been using Wisycom’s MCR42S dual diversity wideband UHF mini receiver system and MTP40S wideband bodypack transmitter. “The MCR42S and MTP40S have proven to be great products as I travel around the east coast. I can tackle any RF obstacle, because I have everything available to me with the wideband frequency of the Wisycom gear.”

Let Then Hear Cake

In addition to his Wisycom equipment, Sparrazza’s rig consists of the Sound Devices 688 12-input field production mixer/digital recorder with an SL-6 Super-Slot wireless receiver system. His microphones of choice are Sanken COS-11D, Schoeps CMIT 5U and CMC641.

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For a recent day of filming, Sparrazza was in a crowded RF section of Columbus, OH. “I don’t have to worry about all of the homework ahead of time when I go into a city,” he says. “When I set up my scan on my Wisycom gear, I know that I’m going to be able to find an open frequency because I’m not confined to a single, or maybe two different, block(s) for the equipment I have. Wisycom shines in that the equipment I use provides full bandwidth coverage, from 460 to 640 MHz, which allows me to acquire whatever frequency I need in whatever city I’m in.”

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