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Koubridis on Miking for Immersive Sports Coverage

As viewers’ expectations change, so must miking decisions.

Toronto, Canada (September 28, 2018)—“It used to be that we could just put a couple of overhead mics above the field to get all of the sounds,” said sports audio veteran Steve Koubridis. “Now, we’re integrating microphones into the backstops in baseball and hockey, or along the sidelines in football and soccer.”

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Facing the changing landscape of sound for broadcast, and its move towards an immersive experience, Koubridis has increasingly found himself using parabolic microphone dish mics, to the extent that he now owns four—two 26-inch models and two nine-inch versions of the Klover MiK from Klover Products.

The application of the mics depends on the sport being captured for broadcast, he noted. “In football, with the way the game moves up and down the field in small increments, it’s perfect for capturing the field audio,” said Koubridis.

“For football and soccer, I use both the 26-inch and nine-inch versions, with wireless Sennheiser lavalier microphones and transmitters. For baseball, there’s usually a customized box positioned behind home plate and integrated into the design of the stadium, with the microphone position at the pitcher’s mound. For these applications, you can use a hard-wired mic, if the audio lines are there.”

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The Klover MiK employs the physics of a parabolic curve to collect sound energy from a large area onto a small microphone, while simultaneously reducing noise from the arena. “What you get from the design of the Klover MiK is different than anything I’ve ever seen before,” says Koubridis. “In fact, during one of the first times I used the equipment, I could literally hear the running back’s feet against the grass.”

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