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Le Fly-Pak Mixes with Yamaha

Le Mobile's Guy Charbonneau brought his specialized Le Fly-Pak system, featuring a Yamaha DM2000 console, to L.A.'s Club Nokia to record Mary J. Blige's "Unstaged" concert live recently.

Buena Park, CA (December 5, 2011)—Le Mobile’s Guy Charbonneau brought his specialized Le Fly-Pak system, featuring a Yamaha DM2000 console, to L.A.’s Club Nokia to record Mary J. Blige’s Unstaged concert live recently.

As part of the American Express Unstaged series of webcast concerts, Blige performed her breakthrough 1994 album My Life, followed by selections from its sequel released November 21, My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act 1), featuring a collaboration with Nas on “Feel Inside.” The performance was broadcast simultaneously on YouTube and Vevo capturing over 1.4 million viewers.

A Yamaha DM2000 was integrated into the Le Fly-Pak system for the purpose of mixing the live performance. “The Club Nokia is pre-wired with fiber tie lines that connect to the AEG offices,” states Charbonneau. “The Yamaha DM2000 had been setup in an adjacent AEG office that was temporarily converted into a control room. The remote control room made mixing the live performance possible.”

Charbonneau said the entire show was recorded through the use of MADI/fiber lines, connected to the Yamaha DM2000 and to Le Mobile’s onstage Fly-Pak. “Le Fly-Pak systems interconnect both cleanly and swiftly to the DM2000 especially with the addition of the Yamaha MADI cards, which add an additional 64 channels using fiber or coax cable.”

Contained in eight road cases, Le Fly-Pak can be used for recording projects, records, audio for live concert DVD, television, and broadcasts. The system consists of 64 channels of microphone preamps (48 channels of Grace Design 801 and 16 channels Millennia HV-3D), Pro Tools|HD, Apogee converters, Apogee Big Ben, RME ADI 648 MADI converter, a video sync and time code generator for video interface, 64-tracks of redundant hard disk recording system, and JBL LSR monitors. Le Mobile can also integrate one of Le Mobile’s Studer 24-track analog A-800s into the plug-and-play system.

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