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Lear Launches Live Sitcoms with TwinPlex

TV Revivals of All in the Family and The Jeffersons were captured with Shure mics.

Chicago, IL (June 17, 2019)—When ABC recently presented new live versions of Norman Lear’s sitcoms All in the Family and The Jeffersons, which aired in their original versions in the early 1970s, the producers opened the show with some of the newest technology available in broadcast audio today.

Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear, producers of the special, opened the broadcast to viewers nationwide using Shure’s newest performance microphone, TwinPlex. Kimmel and Lear, along with Jennifer Hudson, who performed a rousing live version of “Movin’ On Up,” the theme song of The Jeffersons, were on Axient Digital.

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“I was offered the job to be the production mixer for Live in Front of a Studio Audience only a few weeks before it was to air live and, even though elated at the opportunity, I also knew I had some challenges to overcome,” said Paul Wittman, production mixer for the Kimmel and Lear portions of the ABC special. “I made the choice early on to use both Shure TwinPlex lavalier microphones and Shure Axient Digital for the very clean, dynamic sound and also for absolute reliability.”

Wittman continued, “TwinPlex is a very natural sounding mic to me. It has a rich warmth to it that doesn’t sound muddy and doesn’t require much equalization no matter where it is located on the actor. I knew that I would only get one chance to hear both Jimmy and Norman, and that would be at dress rehearsal, so I didn’t have time to mess around to find a solution, I had to know it would work no matter where the mic was pinned. Jimmy and Norman couldn’t have more different sounding voices and, as I suspected, I didn’t need to make many adjustments to make them sound how I would like.”

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The wireless systems for the Kimmel and Lear portions were provided by ATK, with Andres Arango handling monitors and Ian Gutierrez acting as RF tech.

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