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Lectrosonics Gets Revenge

Scott D. Stolz, CAS, production sound mixer and owner of LA-based Good for Sound, is capturing location sound for ABC's primetime soap opera "Revenge" using Lectrosonics wireless microphone technology.

(l-r) Scott Stolz and Sean Byrnes
Los Angeles, CA (July 29, 2013)-Scott D. Stolz, CAS, production sound mixer and owner of LA-based Good for Sound, is capturing location sound for ABC’s primetime soap opera Revenge using Lectrosonics wireless microphone technology.

The three-man crew, also including Chris Quilty and Sean Byrnes, makes extensive use of Stolz’s arsenal of Lectrosonics equipment, including UM400, SMV, SMa and SMQ transmitters, a Venue receiver mainframe outfitted with one VRT and five VRS receiver modules, as well as an IFB system comprised of a T4 compact transmitter and two R1a beltpack receivers.

“Working on Revenge for ABC Studios, we find ourselves in all types of locations, and frequently these areas are heavily congested in terms of RF frequencies,” said Stoltz. “I love Lectrosonics’ one-touch SmartTune auto frequency select feature, which makes the selection of clean frequencies a simple and reliable experience in crowded RF environments. The ability to change frequencies quickly, easily and reliably, is really a key to our success in obtaining useable production sound.”

Stolz uses his two Lectrosonics UM400 transmitters for the wireless booms while the SMV, SMa and SMQ transmitters are routinely used on the talent. “The small form factor of the SM series transmitters is a terrific benefit,” says Stolz. “Two of the principal actresses-Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe-routinely wear very stylish, form-fitting clothes. The ability to discreetly place the SM transmitters on them without disturbing wardrobe has been critically important.”

Stolz is also very fond of his IFB T4 transmitter and R1a receivers-used in conjunction with a Lectrosonics SNA600 dipole antenna-that form a private line to the director and script supervisor. He’s also using Lectrosonics’ D4 multi-channel digital wireless audio link system, comprising a D4T digital transmitter and D4R digital receiver.

“I’m also using the Lectrosonics Quadra IEM system for my boom operators, as this enables them to adjust the individual levels to their preference,” he said.