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Merging Takes On Talent

Merging Technologies' Horus networked audio converter and Pyramix 8.0 recorded the audio for the live "Big Bang" editions of "Czech & Slovakia Got Talent," broadcast in November.

Puidoux, Switzerland (December 7, 2012)—Merging Technologies’ Horus networked audio converter and Pyramix 8.0 recorded the audio for the live Big Bang editions of Czech & Slovakia Got Talent, broadcast in November.

Boris Seitler from G-Tec Professional, Merging Technologies’ Slovakian distributors, supplied the equipment for the show, which was shot on location at Castle Lednice, the former summer palace of the Liechtenstein royal family, situated near Brno in the Czech Republic. Freelance sound engineer Alex Molcanov installed the system.

Amex Audio supplied the front of house sound. The main recording mixer was a Soundcraft Vi6, which was linked to the Horus via MADI with a feed from the MADI input routed directly to the 24 AES/EBU outputs going to a JoeCo BlackBox recorder for backup. The Horus was then connected to Pyramix using RAVENNA to record 50 channels of audio and deal with the D/A feeds from the Pyramix.

In addition, there was a feed from the Horus D/A providing audio for the directors in the Reckord HD OB van and for the Phonak in-ear system for the judges and presenters. As a final piece of security, the presenters’ microphones and booms were recorded on a Sound Devices 788-T and sent back to Horus.

“We didn’t know very much about Horus, but Boris assured us that this would be a much better solution than what we used before,” commented Molcanov. “He was certainly correct and this was such an easy system to use and handled a lot of channels which was perfect for this type of event.”

The winner of the talent show, which is franchised by FreemantleMedia worldwide, was a singing garage mechanic from Zilina in Slovakia called Jozef Palusik, with his rendition of “My Way.”

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