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Metrica Opens 3D Facility with 25.3 PMC System

Masive PMC system lands in Ibiza, not to party but immerse.

Biggleswade, UK (July 10, 2018)—Metrica, a new commercial audio facility in Ibiza, Spain, has installed a monitoring system comprising 25 PMC twotwo.5 two-way active speakers and three PMC Sub2 sub woofers.

Ibiza’s premier audio supplier, Pro Audio Ibiza, were instrumental facilitating the supply of PMC speakers to Metrica Studios, which has been specifically designed as a creative hub for 3D and binaural projects for the music, film, advertising, TV and gaming industries.

Radiohead’s Selway Surrounded by Soundtrack Work

The trio behind Metrica are producer and engineer Javier Ferrer Serra, musician and producer Matias Kamelman and Shams Faure, a man with extensive experience of running record labels and radio stations who was brought in as head of operations and coordinator to oversee the building and running of the studio.

“The origins of Metrica lie in Javier´s collaboration with Eurecat,” Shams explains. “Javier started testing Sfëar plugins five years ago and that inspired his dream to build a studio where he could develop his interest in both Sfëar and immersive audio. When he met Matias and began working with him on various music projects, he realized he had found the perfect partner and that a studio would provide a production base for them both.”

Sfëar immersive audio technology features real-time 3D audio plugins and sound rendering software, which is compatible with all common DAWs. The 3D audio produced can be rendered to a loudspeaker set up as well as binaural using headphones and head trackers.

Metrica was conceived and designed by Phillip Newell and executed and crafted by Joules Newell and his team. The 25.3 PMC monitoring system is set up in the live room, which doubles as a mix room for Sfëar projects. The system was chosen by Javier because he had used PMC speakers in the past and had always appreciated the accuracy of their sound.

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“It’s like the Doc in Back to the Future,” Matias says. “When he was asked why he chose a DeLorean, he said, ‘If you want the best, use the best.’ That’s how we feel about PMC monitors. They sound spectacular so why use anything else?”