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Mobile Tech Space is on the Move

Whether working with ESPN or NPR, Mobile Tech Space has been bringing its PreSonus gear to bear on major events.

Chapel Hill, NC (July 26, 2019)—Location sound specialist Mobile Tech Space’s remote trailer frequently supplements existing production facilities on very large remote television and radio broadcasts and is equipped with StudioLive Series III mixing technology from PreSonus Audio Electronics.

“Our Mobile Tech Space Trailer was recently used by ESPN as a VIZ Graphics and EVS record/playback room alongside their remote broadcast truck,” reports Jeff Anderson, owner of Mobile Tech Space. In addition to booking and operating the trailer, he also works with outside clients as a remote broadcast audio/comms technician. “After that, it was used at the ACC Tournament as an Avid video editing room by Raycom Sports to support live broadcasts.”

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Most recently, he says, “It was used by WUNC Music, part of North Carolina’s statewide NPR network, to provide multitrack and live streaming support for the Halfway to Hopscotch Music festival in Raleigh, NC. The walls and ceilings of the trailer have acoustic treatments, making the space ideal for audio projects.”

Anderson felt the PreSonus StudioLive Series III consoles were a good match for his business, noting, “The ability to consolidate signals and share content between consoles using tactical Cat6 is key for us. At the Hopscotch Music Festival, for example, a StudioLive 16 served as a live streaming console while a StudioLive 32 handled multitrack recording in another location 250 feet away. We’re currently experimenting with ways to extend the AVB network over single-mode fiber, because the cable runs in some venues can be several thousand feet.”

Anderson also singles out the ability to control the consoles remotely using software. “For example, we were able to control the remote streaming console from our trailer to help distribute the operator workload more evenly. Even though we had operators at both consoles, it helps tremendously to be able to quickly make adjustments on the fly to a remote console.

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“Further, being able to see and control the StudioLive using an iPad is key—especially when we’re working with broadcasters and other sound companies. It helps tremendously to be able to see and control our system while standing at someone else’s mix position.”

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