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MSM Studios Opens PMC-Equipped Dolby Atmos Room

The room is primarily used to mix and master Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc music releases.

Biggleswade, UK (June 6, 2019)—MSM Studio Group has installed a 9.1.4 loudspeaker system from PMC in its new Dolby Atmos-certified studio in Munich, Germany, which is primarily used to mix and master Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc music releases.

The system installed at MSM Studio Group reportedly exceeds the required specifications for Dolby Atmos Home Studio certification and includes a 9.1.4 loudspeaker set up consisting of PMC IB2S (LCR) and DB1 (surround and height), as well as three PMC SB100 subwoofers. The control room includes HD film projection and was calibrated by acoustician Jochen Veith of JV Acoustics.

PMC Opens Demo Facilities in NYC, LA

MSM Studios sees great potential in media-on-demand services that create and broadcast TV productions with a Dolby Atmos stream. Studio owner and managing director Stefan Bock believes that the number of music productions published on Pure Audio Blu-ray containing a Dolby Atmos mix will also rise. This, he says, is a key reason why MSM Studios group is specializing in this high data rate format that can be played on any standard Blu-ray player and can store up to 50GB of sound, video and multimedia content.

Bock recently worked with PMC to create a Pure Blu-ray version of tracks from Miles Davis’ iconic 1959 jazz album Kind of Blue and 1960’s Sketches of Spain, which had been remixed into Dolby Atmos at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. The tracks were then used by PMC to demo its HiFi speakers at the 2019 High End show in Munich last month.

“Blu-ray authoring is part of MSM Studio’s service portfolio, and test Blu-rays can be created at any time to check and evaluate the final audiovisual experience,” Bock says. “We can listen to the Blu-ray under controlled conditions. Apart from that, we have a consumer system and a sound bar, so we can simulate at home listening situations.”

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MSM Studios has now produced and mastered more than 30 Pure Blu-ray music projects containing a Dolby Atmos stream. These have been released worldwide an include Peter Maffay’s MTV Unplugged, Sarah Brightman’s Hymn – Live in Concert and Beethoven 9 Symphonies – The 1977 Recordings, which was recorded by the Berliner Philharmoniker and Herbert von Karajan for Deutsche Grammophon.