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NEP Updates OB Truck Monitors

With two new trucks sporting TSL MPA1 units, NEP’s U.S. Broadcast Services team plans for more trucks across its fleet to include them.

Pittsburgh, PA (April 7, 2020)—NEP Group, which has long used TSL MPA1 units as its audio monitoring solution of choice for live broadcasts, was the first to integrate TSL’s updated MPA1-MIX MADI-V audio monitor, installing it in two of the company’s OB trucks.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance the workflow of operators within our OB trucks,” says Michael Naugle, design engineer for NEP’s U.S. Broadcast Services team. “The newly designed TSL MPA1-MIX MADI-V units feature an extremely intuitive layout. The left to right ascending order of the knobs is very user-friendly as the operator can find the channel they need, without having to look directly at the panel. The ‘V’ pattern also has a nice aesthetic look to it.”

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Since integrating the new TSL MPA1-MIX MADI-V units, Naugle has received positive feedback from the operators. “Operator feedback has been great – they enjoy the look of the new V Series, as well as the ease of use that comes with having the updated control layout. Also, the sound quality is amazing, which we have come to expect from all TSL solutions.”

Naugle plans to continue with the units for projects going forward. “In addition to the two trucks that currently have the updated TSL MPA1 V units, we are building several other trucks in the U.S. this year that will also be equipped with the MPA1-MIX MADI-V. Also, in our newer IP trucks, we have been installing the TSL PAM2-IP units, which are extremely useful tools when working with audio in an IP infrastructure.”

The new MPA1-MIX-V range has reportedly been developed to specifically address the challenges of live production. In direct response to customer feedback, TSL’s MPA1-MIX-V features a re-designed user interface available in SDI, DANTE/AES67, MADI, AES and Analogue input formats.

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