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New Atlantic Act Turns to Lewitt

A recent live-streamed performance at Atlantic Studios NYC found Why Don’t We using Lewitt mics.

New York, NY (June 18, 2019)—Rising boy band Why Don’t We recently held a streamed live performance for fans in Japan at New York’s Atlantic Studios NYC, performing through the facility’s collection of Lewitt microphones.

As a new recording facility tied to Atlantic Records, Atlantic Studios NYC played a role in the Grammy Award-winning recording of Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast) and aid in fan engagement for acts like Why Don’t We, which formed in 2016.

METAlliance Adds LEWITT as Pro Partner

Recently the group hit the studio to perform an acoustic version of their track “I Don’t Belong In This Club” in a session organized by Warner Music Japan in cooperation with Line Music. The performance was live streamed from Atlantic Studios NYC and viewed by 640,000 people.

“I used our three MTP 550s and two MTP 940 CM handheld microphones,” recalled Joseph Pomarico, producer and engineer at Atlantic Records. “Lewitt has stepped up the game when it comes to making a handheld mic. I love the technology on the MTP 940, where Lewitt has designed a large diaphragm condenser recording microphone to look like a handheld, and the dynamic MTP 550, which has a great sound and can handle anything you throw in front of it.

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“Their size doesn’t disturb the look of the video and allowed the players to move around in a stage setting, and the mics are clear, transparent and focused without bleed. I am very happy that I choose to use Lewitt.”

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