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NextRadioTV Deploys Riedel Infrastructure

Network serves as AV infrastructure backbone to new facilities.

Wuppertal, Germany (March 22, 2019)—NextRadioTV has deployed a large-scale, 204-node Riedel Communications MediorNet real-time signal network to serve as the backbone for its new audiovisual infrastructure at the broadcaster’s new facilities on the Paris campus of the Altice Group.

The MediorNet system has been installed at the campus of the Altice Group, which acquired NextRadioTV in 2016, to support signal distribution, routing and processing over a single decentralized real-time network. “Our move to the Altice campus gave us a tremendous opportunity to build technical facilities from scratch and to establish a common infrastructure for all our TV and radio channels,” said Antoine Robelin, technical director at NextRadioTV.

Coming Down with Acquisition Fever

“The scalable, state-of-the-art technology integrated into these new facilities gives us added agility in producing and broadcasting events from across our remarkable portfolio of 24/7 news, documentaries, and live sports. In addition to supporting flexible day-to-day operations, our Riedel gear gives us the ability to take advantage of mature and reliable network technologies that will eventually support a smooth transition toward IP.”

The MediorNet installation at NextRadioTV includes 18 MetroN core fiber routers and 186 MicroN high-density media distribution network devices distributed across the campus. The MediorNet backbone leverages a new cabling infrastructure, including a wealth of previously installed dark fibers, to address factors including long distances between production studios/control rooms/technical rooms and the need to be able to scale up to new requirements.

Dark fibers in both buildings were used to create the real-time network, which further facilitated the migration process. The flexibility of the Riedel equipment even enabled NextRadioTV to design and implement new galleries while the new installation was underway.

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