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Nugen Audio Streamlines Dolby Atmos Mix for Marcelo Cyro

By Steve Harvey. Cyro used Nugen Post to control the consistency of the mix of Netflix’s ‘Super Drags,’ reportedly the first show in South America to use Dolby Atmos.

São Paulo, Brazil—Marcelo Cyro, a sound designer, re-recording mixer and partner at Panela Produtora in São Paulo, turned to Nugen Audio’s Nugen Post bundle to control the consistency of the mix of Netflix’s Super Drags, reportedly the first show in South America to use Dolby Atmos.

“Mixing in Dolby Atmos for broadcast within the loudness parameters was challenging because we needed to not only learn how to use the new technology but to use it within Netflix’s specifications of an original production,” says Cyro. “After trying so many things, I found the solution within Nugen’s ISL True Peak Limiter. After using it, my mix just worked, without having any other issues. It allowed me to take care of the sound and help the story without worrying if it is in -10 dB’s True Peak.”

Cyro adds, “The ISL True Peak Limiter is a significant part of my mix. I use it in my auxes—effects, Foleys, dialogue and music—and I also use it to avoid some peaks and protect the speakers. What is great about ISL is that you don’t lose the low end like you do with so many other compressors. It’s also very fast when you have a huge transient effect. It is necessary to use loudness/true peak parameters in Dolby Atmos, and I use it on every object. It does a really good job.”

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Another Nugen product that Cyro finds essential for his work is the VisLM loudness meter plug-in. “I start my mix with the dialogue and use Nugen’s VisLM,” says Cyro. “After treating the dialogue with compression and EQ, I automate it, and the VisLM allows me to very easily and quickly see where my mix is too loud or too soft. It is there that I set all my mixes. For longer programs, it is necessary to have a very good meter so as not to fool your ears after mixing for a long time, and the VisLM fits this application perfectly.”

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