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Nugen Upmixes Every Snap and Tackle in Madden NFL 2018

Creating the final mixes for the long-running franchise, Solid Audioworks turned to Nugen Upmix.

Edinburgh, UK (July 27, 2018)—Will Morton, founder and director at Solid Audioworks, provides audio production for some of the most popular video games on the market, and recently used Nugen Audio’s Halo Upmix to provide cinematic audio for Madden NFL 2018 from EA Sports.

“Prior to Halo Upmix, we tried a lot of different upmixers and were never fully satisfied with the results,” says Morton. Formerly a senior sound designer and dialogue supervisor for Rockstar North, he founded Solid Audioworks in 2014.

“The final mix always felt artificial and clumsy. Halo Upmix allowed us to produce a phenomenal mix that sounded incredibly clean and natural. The intuitive GUI enabled us to focus on subtle details and produce the exact results we wanted to hear.”

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Solid Audioworks is outfitted with one general purpose Foley/vocal room for recording dialogue and one “messy Foley” room. Morton also hired off-site sound recordists to capture outside ambiences for an extra realistic layer.

In addition to working on the sounds for the gameplay mode, Solid Audioworks was tasked with the cinematic mixing for Madden NFL 2018: Longshot, the game’s playable story mode. “We had a variety of sounds and dialogue to work with when we sat down in our main control room,” says Morton. “Our challenge was creating a consistent, dynamic mix from audio assets that were recorded in different formats, at multiple locations with varying channel counts and mic configurations.”

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Halo Upmix allowed Morton and his team to fine-tune every aspect of the mix to complement the sounds of both gameplay and cutscenes. “With Halo Upmix, we were able to pull these elements together to create a cohesive sound,” says Morton. “It was truly an ‘out of the box’ experience.

“After integrating Halo Upmix into our workflow, it was incredibly simple to manage these assets and focus on specific details that really tied the mix together. From every piece of dialogue to each snap and tackle, we could adjust the soundtrack and effects accordingly, which helps to engross players in the game and create an authentic experience.”

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