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OBX VIDEE Van Rolls with Riedel

A new 4K HDR OB van, OBX VIDEE, recently launched in Italy, outfitted with Riedel intercoms.

Italy (December 5, 2019)—Videe SpA’s new 4K HDR OB van, OBX VIDEE, recently launched in Italy outfitted with both a Riedel Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom system

OBX VIDEE is a triple-expanding mobile production unit that can support up to 30 cameras and was designed to provide host broadcasting services for major live sporting, music, cultural and entertainment events worldwide.

60 Seconds with Rich Zabel of Riedel

The OB van, engineered by Videe and systems integrator Chromaline, features Artist and Bolero systems along with 36 RSP-2318 SmartPanels. Based on client requirements, the van can be configured with dual control rooms or as one large, 75-square-meter (800-plus-square-foot) production area that can accommodate up to 36 onboard team members.

“The Riedel name is synonymous with reliability, efficiency, versatility, and usability in the intercom domain, and the company is a longtime Videe partner,” said Bruno Mercuri, Videe SpA president and founder.

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“We choose and rely on Riedel because of the company’s innovative approach and its constant commitment to developing the best technologies for broadcast requirements. That´s what Videe expects from its providers because that’s what Videe is expected to provide to its own clients.”

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