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Podcast ‘The Big Swing’ Connects with MXL Mics

The Big Swing podcast, hosted by Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling and fan Cooper Surles, has been exploring pop culture and baseball since January, 2019.

Houston, TX (May 7, 2020)—MLB may be MIA due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped Ross Stripling and Cooper Surles as they produce The Big Swing podcast. For Stripling, it’s one of many balls he keeps in the air—he’s also a financial advisor and, more importantly, a right-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a result, when he and Surles get on the mic, they chat about everything from baseball to Netflix to finance to you name it. The show kicked off in January, 2019, and after some initial audio issues, the pair settled in on MXL BCD-1 broadcast mics to help clean up their sound.

“In our first few months of podcasting, audio was the biggest challenge for us,” said Stripling. “Once we were able to deploy the MXL mics and put them in front of each speaker, our audio went up twofold [compared] to the previous solution we were using.”

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Some of that is due to noise-rejection features on the mic, said Surles, noting, “Not only do the mics pick up audio well, but they also do an awesome job of rejecting outside noise. This is a particularly helpful feature when we record in our home studio set up, where my dog might be barking in the other room. Also, we frequently have guests that have no previous microphone experience, so they often won’t speak directly into the mic, and the BCD-1 does a solid job of capturing their voices off-axis.”

An end address dynamic microphone, the BCD-1 sports a tuned grill intended to help eliminate internal reflections and a built-in shock mount that prevents unwanted noise. The mic is designed for capturing audio in a variety of settings, which comes in handy for Stripling. While many podcasts are recorded in the same spot show after show, his day job understandably finds him on the road a lot, so the pitcher often has to record in new spaces instead of the same studio show after show. “When we travel, I keep the mics in my carry on, which gets thrown around a great deal, and while my luggage takes a real beating, the MXL mics remain in perfect working condition no matter what,” he said. “They’re definitely durable and they’ve been exactly what we need.”


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