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Podcaster Offers Success Via Focusrite

Podcast turns to Focusrite to get specific show sound.

Los Angeles, CA (September 19, 2018)—Julian Placino, the host of the long-running Pathways to Success podcast, has apparently followed his own advice, earning a five-star iTunes rating and winning fans in more than 40 countries.

Within just a matter of months after the podcast’s 2016 launch, Pathways to Success was downloaded more than 40,000 times in more than 43 countries, achieving a five-star iTunes rating in the process; by mid-2018, he was past his 110th installment. And Focusrite audio interfaces—namely, the Scarlett range’s 18i8 and 2i2—have been with him from the start.

Focusrite is in the House

When he began, Placino, whose current day job is overseeing talent for Bottle Rocket Studios, Dallas-area mobile-app developer, had little knowledge of the nuts and bolts of podcasting. So he went to the experts, big podcasters like Lewis Howes (School of Greatness), Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory) and Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show).

“I actually had wanted my show to sound exactly like School of Greatness,” says Placino, “so I googled Lewis Howes’s setup and found a piece of video where he talks about exactly what it was. And that was my introduction to Focusrite, specifically the Scarlett 2i2—and I immediately went out and bought one.”

He’s since added the 18i8 to his arsenal as his studio audio interface. The 2i2 is now reserved for recording on the go.

Placino mentions low latency and sound quality as two of his reasons for sticking with the Scarlett range. “I honestly have never experienced any kind of delay, even if I’m talking to somebody remotely,” he says. “There’s never anything that’s inhibited a conversation in the least. And the sound quality…that’s actually one of the things I get compliments on. Voices are just so clear when they’re funneled through the Focusrite.”

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Given his non-technica background, Placino was still able to wrap his head around the gear. “I’m a podcaster, not an audio engineer, so I want things to work whenever I need them to work,” he says. “I need it to be easy, and I need it to work every single time. I need to minimize any kind of complexity so that I can concentrate on the conversation and be present in the moment. Focusrite allows me to do that.”

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