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Small Tree Aids WNET

Small Tree gear is being used for post-production workflows at WNET's new facility

New York, NY (July 15, 2011)–Small Tree gear is being used for post-production workflows at WNET’s new facility

When moving to its new, 95,000-sq.-ft. facility at Worldwide Plaza in New York City, WNET sought to streamline its editing workflow to provide its post-production team seamless access to critical digital assets. While supporting three different public broadcasting stations–WNET-TV Channel 13, New York City; WLIW-TV Channel 21, Long Island; and New Jersey Television–WNET is also a major producer of broadcast and online media for local, national and international audiences.

With more than 14 editing rooms and over 50 desktop editors throughout the new facility, WNET acquired multiple 10GbE switches, 10GbE network adapters and GbE switches with 10GbE uplinks from Small Tree for the editing team’s workflow. WNET’s existing Ethernet network attached shared storage solution (NAS) supports three to eight editors working on multiple program episodes at one time.

According to Craig Thomas, senior director of IT for WNET, “At our old facility, storage would be patched for an editor’s use instead of having a network that was interconnected. At our new location, we’ve moved away from that configuration so that accessing data is more instantaneous. Small Tree’s storage and networking experts understand post production workflows and how to efficiently move Server Message Block [SMB] and Apple Filing Protocol [AFP] data over Ethernet networks. SMB and AFP file sharing over Ethernet is more ubiquitous, easier to manage and use, and is less expensive to implement as opposed to complex shared file systems such as Xsan and metaSAN.”

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