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SonicPool Posts Sci-Fi Film

Post production for the recently completed sci-fi thriller "Sons of Liberty" was split between the SonicPool's Hollywood and New Orleans locations.

Hollywood, CA (July 15, 2013)-Post production for the recently completed sci-fi thriller Sons of Liberty was split between the SonicPool’s Hollywood and New Orleans locations.

The film, produced by Frame 29 Films and Mudbrick Media, was filmed in Mobile, AL. SonicPool Post Production provided sound design, sound mixing, deliverables and DCP Creation.

Drew Hall, director and writer of Sons of Liberty, commented, “John Frost is like a crack dealer of sound mixing. When you’re mixing with him, he keeps coming up with really great, creative ways to add impact and overall value to the project via the sound.”

Hall also says he hopes to work with SonicPool Post Production again in the future: “He’s hooking me in with all the awesomeness!”

John Frost, CEO of SonicPool Post Production and sound mixer for Sons of Liberty also enjoyed working on the film: “It was great to work in the THX stage in surround sound. The movie offered a lot of creative opportunities to take advantage of the surrounds.”

Sons of Liberty tells the story of a special ops unit trying to prevent the construction of a micro nuclear device by radical political mercenaries.

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