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Sound Lounge Offers Podcast Services

NYC-based Sound Lounge is now bringing its recording and post-production services to bear on the burgeoning podcast market.

New York, NY (November 26, 2019)—New York post house Sound Lounge has launched a package of sound production and post-production services for podcasts, offering studio recording, remote recording, sound editing, sound design and mixing.

Follow Podcasting’s Path—or Blaze It Yourself

“Podcasts are becoming the new radio,” said Sound Lounge co-founder and sound designer Marshall Grupp. “We offer producers the talent and resources to take their podcasts from the script to distribution and deliver the high-quality product they need to reach a mass audience.”

The studio can also assist with music licensing, voice-over casting and other production requirements. Their aim is to bring the same creativity and technical excellence that is applied to advertising, television and film, to the fast-growing medium of podcasts.

Sound Lounge has already been a part of several popular podcasts. It has provided recording services for The Players’ Tribune, a podcast series from the company founded by former New York Yankee great Derek Jeter, and It’s Only F—ing Advertising (IOFA), an advertising-themed podcast hosted by Rethink’s managing partner Aaron Starkman.

Additionally, through Sound Lounge Everywhere, the company’s partnerships with Editbar and Sweet Rickey in Boston, they have been a part of Massachusetts General Hospital’s podcast Charged, providing VO casting for the intro, mnemonic creation, sound design, dialogue editing and mixing services.

Many of the services that Sound Lounge provides for television and radio commercials apply directly to podcast production. It also provides specialized services tailored to the medium. Those include episode formatting, talent direction and customized music and sound design.

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It offers gear including multiple mix stages equipped with Avid ICON mixing consoles, the latest Pro Tools editing systems and high-speed data lines that can connect it to any studio in the world. Its resources also include an ADR stage, a sound effects library and Foley capabilities.

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