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Soundcraft Gets Accepted By Hofstra

Hofstra University's School of Communication has replaced the analog broadcast production consoles in its two TV studios with Harman's Soundcraft Si Compact 32 digital desks.

Hempstead, NY (December 27, 2012)—Hofstra University’s School of Communication has replaced the analog broadcast production consoles in its two TV studios with Harman’s Soundcraft Si Compact 32 digital desks.

Hofstra University is Long Island, New York’s largest private college, offering a range of liberal arts and sciences, education, health sciences, law and other courses with full accreditation in 19 academic areas.

“We’d been living with two analog consoles for 25 years!” noted Joseph J. Valerio, chief video engineer. “We were ready for a serious upgrade to our studios. As part of a complete rebuild, we took our time to explore all console technologies and manufacturers and the choice came down to another brand and Soundcraft. We compared them neck and neck at NAB and at a dealer demonstration, and the vote was for the Soundcraft Si Compact 32.”

Hofstra’s consoles have 32 mono inputs, though these can be grouped to stereo by linking faders, and two additional stereo line inputs for a total of 36 inputs. The Si Compact 32 also has an AES input and 16 outputs plus an AES out. “Although the board is the smallest in the line of Soundcraft ‘smart’ consoles, it’s the largest model of the Si Compact Si range and has proven to be just right for our needs,” Valerio said.

“We recently used the Si Compact 32 for a very large production in our main studio that involved a band, live audience, a mix for television and the web, and a mix for stage monitors,” Valerio continued. “For the first time, there was no longer a need for an external console in the studio to mix the band, as we had done in the past. The Soundcraft handles all these mixes at the same time.”

“The operating surface has a good clean layout with plenty of indicators to assist the person using the console,” Valerio said. “A simple mix is easy to set up, but so are highly complex mix-minus feeds, mono feeds and groups of busses.”