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Srinivas Keeps Things Balanced

PTSD film Discharge needed balance between score and dialogue.

Hollywood, CA (December 18, 2018)—On Discharge, a new short film about PTSD, sound designer and music producer Shreyas Srinivas recently used Nugen Audio’s SEQ-S and Stereoizer plug-ins to help balance between the score and emotional dialogue.

Discharge uses openness and quiet to portray unsaid thoughts and emotions. The score is heavy, wide, loud and deep with subtle dialogue going on over it to complement the acting in each scene.

Mixing Netflix’s ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

“I had to be able to carve out just enough room to not bury any words of significance and importance to the story, and SEQ-S was the best tool I could use for that,” says Srinivas. “The mid/side feature is a godsend. With some high pads going on below a fat layer of drums and bass, I could tweak the mid to have the dialogue fit in with the center information and let the sides breathe and develop over the scene.”

When mixing, Srinivas likes to give every object its own space and tries to stretch the boundaries of width by placing things in areas that are different. He has set templates that reduce prep time and stress in the later stages, so he can focus on the meaning of the scene and being creative.

“SEQ-S and Stereoizer are extremely powerful for the simple GUI they have,” he says. “SEQ-S has blown my mind in how intuitive it can be, like the invert button that, with a click, can completely negate any clashing frequencies and has a smooth response to the audio it’s being used over.”

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