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Students Step Out with Soundcraft

Toronto-based Humber College has purchased a mobile broadcasting truck equipped with Harman's Soundcraft Vi1 digital console.

Toronto, Canada (September 7, 2011)—Toronto-based Humber College has purchased a mobile broadcasting truck equipped with Harman’s Soundcraft Vi1 digital console.

In a two-year Technical Broadcasting Videography program at Humber College, various aspects of broadcast are covered in the coursework, from traveling to events and setting up live feeds to mixing and distributing the media. The broadcast truck offers a transported classroom/studio on wheels.

“We saw a great opportunity to offer our students a program specifically designed for the mobile aspect of broadcasting, as it is a craft in high demand around the world,” said Michael Wright, broadcast manager, Humber College. “We take pride in our Soundcraft Vi1 and the fact that no other university or college program provides an actual state-of-the-art, high-definition, fully functional broadcasting truck to students.”

“The Humber College School of Media Studies’ HD mobile is a stepping stone for covering media, sporting and school events on campus and around Canada—all circumstances where digital consoles would be used in a real-time broadcasting situations,” continued Wright. “The students are impressed when they walk into the broadcast truck and see how much we’ve invested in their education. The Vi1 is impressive in its capabilities and gives the mobile broadcast truck a great look.”

Applied Electronics of Toronto installed the console.