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Studer Takes to Rural Roads

Studer has sold its first OnAir 1500 in Thailand, to a radio station established by the Thai government's Department of Rural Roads.

Bangkok, Thailand (April 22, 2013)-Studer has sold its first OnAir 1500 in Thailand, to a radio station established by the Thai government’s Department of Rural Roads.

The Department of Rural Roads is responsible for maintaining the roads that connect to the country’s main highways; this enables them to set up bypasses where necessary to improve traffic flow. To assist them in responding quickly to provide information across the vast network of roads, the department has now set up its own radio station, initially for internal broadcasting before it becomes a full FM/AM broadcast channel, streaming digital information for the benefit of the general public.

To help facilitate live broadcasts and flag up immediate alerts, Harman’s Studer’s Bangkok-based distributor 101 Technology has supplied a compact Studer OnAir 1500 production desk. Fitting a tight budget, the desk will be multi-functional, enabling the station to handle live broadcasts and record live while operating as a dedicated production mixer.

101 Technology reports that this is the first OnAir 1500 to be sold in the country. The company’s Wiboon Lertkultanon explains, “After initial concerns about the budget, they found they could do everything they needed with the OnAir 1500 and still have funding remaining for room decoration. The fact that the desk could double as a production mixer was a bonus since they don’t have the budget to build another production studio yet.”