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Sugar Socializes with Schwarzenegger and Co.

Social media ad campaign gets audio boost from Mazur, Ambroff.

Los Angeles, CA (May 9, 2019)—Sugar Studios LA recently wrapped a social media campaign for supplement startup Ladder, featuring celebrity founders Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, DJ Khaled, Cindy Crawford and Lindsey Vonn. The campaign garnered 10 million views in its first seven days.

The playful ad campaign focuses on social media, foregoing the usual TV commercial push, and pitches their protein powder direct-to-consumer. For starters, the ad pumps up the action in a gym with Arnold annoyed by a noisy dude on the phone, prompting him to turn up his workout soundtrack. Next up, DJ Khaled is scratching encouragement for LeBron—and Arnold drowns them out with his own personal live oompah band.

Sugar Studios Expands to Streamline

The spots don’t follow the commercial world’s 15-, 30- and 60-second length convention. “Because it’s social media, we’re not always bound to those segments of time anymore,” says Sugar Studio LA editor Nico Alba. “Basically, it’s ‘find the story,’ and because there are no rules, it makes the storytelling more fun. It’s a process of honing everything down without losing the rhythm or the message and maintaining a nice flow.”

Alba, who worked closely with sound design/mixers Bret Mazur and Troy Ambroff to complement his editing, adds, “We needed a heavyweight gym ambience to set the stage. It starts out with a barrage of noisy talking and sounds that really irritate Arnold, setting up the dueling music playlists and the sonic payoff.”

“Peter Grigsby requested a skilled big-brand commercial editor on this campaign,” says Sugar Studios LA founder/creative director Jijo Reed. “Nico was the perfect fit to create that rhythm and flow that only a seasoned commercial editor could bring to the table.”

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The Sugar team also created a striking cinematic look to the spots, thanks to colorist Bruce Bolden. “He’s a veteran feature film colorist,” says Reed, “so he often brings that sensibility to advertising spots as well, meaning, rich blacks and nice, even color palettes.”

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