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Sumo Digital Proves Game for PMC

Building out new recording facilities for developing game audio, Sumo Digital went big on PMC monitors.

Sumo Digital went big on PMC monitors in its new game audio development facility.
Sumo Digital went big on PMC monitors in its new game audio development facility.

Sheffield, U.K. (November 11, 2020)—Game developer Sumo Digital has expanded the audio facilities at its premises in Sheffield, England, with the addition of three 5.1 surround sound edit suites, a Dolby Atmos mix room and a Foley/ADR space.

The three 5.1 edit rooms feature PMC Twotwo.6 monitors for LCR channels, Twotwo.5 surround monitors and a Sub2 for the LFE channel. The new mix room, which is built to Dolby’s Atmos standard, has PMC IB1S monitors for the LCR channels, Wafer2 monitors for the surrounds, Wafer 1 for the height channels and two Sub2s for LFE.

Sumo Digital’s audio director Pat Phelan says, “We like the fact that the PMC’s remove any mystique from the sound that you are hearing, the sound feels surgically exposed. In a dynamic game environment where you have little control over what a player will do, being able to monitor and mix with confidence is a massive boost.”

Dean St. Outfits for Dolby Atmos Music

Part of Sumo Group plc, Sumo Digital is a game developer with eight U.K. studios in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Leamington Spa, Warrington, The Chinese Room in Brighton, Red Kite Games in Leeds, and Lab42 in Leamington Spa. It also has facilities in Pune, India.

Sumo Digital has audio studios at four of its U.K. sites, but with an ever-increasing workload, the directors felt it was time to invest in additional facilities in Sheffield. Acousticians White Mark Ltd were given the task of designing the new studios, while the build and fit-out was handled by Nottingham-based principal contractor Confetti Media Group under the direction of Joe Duckhouse and Greg Marshall.

“By using a mixture of PMC IB1S and wafer monitors in this room, White Mark was able to come up with a very sleek design that maximized all available space,” says Duckhouse.

Sumo Group’s portfolio of games includes titles for major publishers Microsoft, Sega and Sony. Since its formation 17 years ago, it has worked on major franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, LittleBigPlanet, Forza, Hitman and Dr Who.