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Televisa Undertakes Lawo Upgrade

Mexico’s Televisa is upgrading the equipment at its facilities in San Ángel with IP-based mixing and routing systems from Lawo.

Rastatt, Germany (April 24, 2019)— Mexico’s Televisa, the largest multimedia operation in the Spanish-speaking world, is currently undertaking a major technical upgrade at its facilities in San Ángel based around IP-based mixing and routing systems from Lawo.

The San Ángel facilities, which produce telenovelas and other live programming, are being upgraded from standalone studio operation to a fully networked production environment using Lawo mc² production consoles, an IP-based central router with failsafe, redundant architecture, and AoIP interfacing and RAVENNA/AES67 I/O systems. The new Televisa installation comprises four Lawo mc²56 consoles and additional DSP and routing devices in three of the company’s large production areas. These mc²56 desks, configured with 64, 48, 32 and 16 faders, and including their respective HD cores and SoundGrid integration, are now installed in the Foro 3, 15 and 16 facilities. Several Lawo DALLIS I/O systems supply each unit, completed by a row of A_mic8 and A_digital8 AoIP interfaces.

The technical upgrade for two additional areas—Foro 8 and Foro 9, which are used to produce telenovelas—includes two Lawo mc²36 consoles in a 24-fader frame, as well as Compact I/O units for maximum connectivity. The Nova73 HD central router and all the production units are already fully operational and networked via a RAVENNA/AES67 infrastructure.

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Having previously purchased two 64-fader mc²66 audio production consoles for its audio OB trucks, Televisa was familiar with Lawo before this upgrade. An evaluation of various manufacturers—alongside its four-year experience with Lawo’s staff, products and service—saw Lawo’s proposed solution for the large network that Televisa envisaged come out best. Lawo’s commitment to industry standards including SMPTE 2022-6/7, 2110 and AES67 was also reportedly a factor, as were the company’s control options, such as Ember+, VSM and smartDASH system monitoring and real-time IP telemetry.

Foro 3 provides support services for the Pequeños Gigantes, La Voz and La Voz Kids shows, while Foro 15 produces the novela Por Amar Sin Ley, among others. Foro 16 handles the Cuéntamelo Ya program daily, as well as Cuéntamelo Ya Al Fin on Saturdays and large productions such as the 2019 Grammy Awards.

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