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Telos Alliance to Show IP Interop at NAB

Telos aims to show “what a truly integrated AoIP environment looks like.”

Las Vegas, NV (March 23, 2018)—The Telos Alliance is participating in the NAB 2018 IP Showcase and will demonstrate total interoperability, according to the company.

“Total interoperability in the broadcast space has never been more important as broadcasters become more knowledgeable and demand gear that works in varied and complex workflows,” says Marty Sacks, VP of sales, support, and marketing at Telos Alliance. “Our mission at NAB is to continue the conversations we have been having for a number of years on what a truly integrated AoIP environment looks like across a wide range of content creation facilities including TV and radio stations. One part of this is our continued participation in the IP Showcase.”

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At this year’s IP Showcase, more than 50 manufacturers, plus the industry’s premier standards bodies and trade alliances, will come together to demonstrate the benefits and practicality of moving to IP workflows, all leveraging AES67, plus the new SMPTE ST 2110 standard and AMWA NMOS specifications.

Located in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall in booth C12634, visitors to the IP Showcase will have the opportunity to interact with equipment and see how real-time IP offers operational benefits, including format flexibility and efficient cabling, resiliency and data-loss protection, plug-and-play connection management and a choice of interoperable audio equipment.

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The showcase will also offer guidance in making a transition from SDI to hybrid IP/SDI systems and on to all-IP; designing deterministic systems; and using new tools for automatic alignment of signals. The IP Showcase will feature information on a host of IP reference deployments so that visitors can measure their expectations against real-world IP installations. A live all-IP studio within the IP Showcase will provide visitors a firsthand look at live program production and output using SMPTE ST 2110.

Rounding out the IP experience, the integrated IP Showcase Theater, curated by IABM, will provide educational opportunities through continuous presentations covering the full gamut of knowledge about real-time IP production and intra-facility distribution.

In addition to participating in IP Showcase, Telos Alliance will be showing new products and technology at its separate Telos Alliance radio brands and Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group booths.

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