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The Voice of Germany Extends with Wisycom

Competition show is now a Voice with range.

Berlin, Germany (June 19, 2019)—Wireless audio system engineer Victor Lang recently helped The Voice of Germany extend in-ear monitoring coverage from the stage to the back of the audience and backstage into the green room using equipment from Wisycom.

“One of the big reasons the producers wanted to try out the Wisycom IEM system was because of the difficulty they had in the past in getting full coverage in each of the key zones,” Lang says. “I was confident that if we incorporated Wisycom into the equation, we would solve all wireless coverage issues.”

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Lang employed the Wisycom IEM system—the MPR50-IEM wideband receiver and MTK952 wideband dual transmitter—along with 40 channels of Shure Digital Axient for all the wireless mics through the Wisycom MAT288 matrix combiner to create multiple antenna coverage/zones for The Voice of Germany.

“One of the things I really love about Wisycom’s RF distributed products is that you can use different products/brands together with the gear,” Lang continues. “So, if the A1 wants another wireless mic system, that’s not an issue for the show. I can still have my full Wisycom RF distribution rack to create flawless coverage everywhere for the show. Knowing that the products can work together and not against each other is a huge benefit. Plus, Wisycom’s IEM system sounds amazing.”

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Lang was introduced to the company’s wireless capabilities five years ago while touring as a monitor engineer for a pop artist in Denmark. “Since then, Wisycom has become a huge part of my world. I now use nearly every Wisycom product on a daily basis, including on The Voice of Germany,” he says.

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