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TSL Previews NAB NY 2019 Offerings

Chief among TSL’s highlights will be presenting new modes of operation for its SAM-Q Audio Monitoring platform.

New York, NY (October 8, 2019)—TSL Products will highlight updates to its audio monitoring offerings, including its SAM-Q platform, PAM-IP and its MPA1 lines, at NAB NY 2019, and will showcase updates to its advanced broadcast control offerings as well as its IP Control Buddy, range of Anywhere Interface Boxes and Flashboard.

TSL Products will showcase new modes of operation for its SAM-Q Audio Monitoring platform that go beyond those operator-focused modes with which the platform initially launched. These include audio phase, loudness monitoring and peak latch modes. In addition, the company will also highlight its ability to add MADI monitoring to the SAM-Q-SDI by way of a license.

TSL will also feature updates to its PAM-IP line, offering loudness measurement, fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring. Customers may now choose either In-Band or Out-of-Band to control with their PAM-IP audio monitors. Using a TSL or 3rd party control system, ST-2110 and ST-2022-6 multicast subscriptions to the PAM-IP can now be determined using Ember+, NMOS or TSL’s own RESTful API protocol.

TSL Products Acquires DNF Controls

The latest release of TSL’s MPA1 audio monitoring range includes improved audio metering for the MPA1-SOLO-MADI and MPA1-SOLO-DANTE, and alternative front panel concepts for the MPA1-MIX-MADI. The range also offers improved control capabilities via SNMP for all MPA1 audio monitors.

On the control side, TSL will demonstrate various new functions within master control, playout and transmission via TSL’s Flex Network, powered by DNF Controls. These updates include MOS Integration with ENPS and iNews to simplify newsroom production automation.

TSL will also highlight a range of new universal control surfaces and interfaces, including the IP Control Buddy, as well as its line of Anywhere Interface Boxes (AIBs). TSL’s IP Control Buddy controls any GPI/O-, Serial- and IP-enabled device.

The company’s AIB series is designed specifically for A/V, radio, industrial and TV broadcasting market segments, and allow users to bridge systems and achieve optimal functionality without performing any programming. For device management and interface flexibility, the AIBs offer up to 16 GPI/Os and multiple device control paths, with the AIB-4 also providing Ethernet, 2-way DTMF and dial-up modem.

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At NAB NY, TSL will demonstrate the addition of several features to FlashBoard’s interface, including sophisticated system and world clocks, up-down production timers, on-air and cue light indication, on-screen branding, web-based content display and video tiles.

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