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Utah’s KUED Upgrades with Brio

Salt Lake City-based PBS station nets new desk.

Salt Lake City, UT (June 5, 2019)—It wasn’t until Calrec unveiled its Brio 36 that William Montoya, audio team leader for KUED, Utah’s PBS station, found what he was looking fort.

“We wanted to have a 5.1 native console that could put a full 5.1 source on a single fader,” he says. “With the small footprint of the Brio 36, we are able to manage multiple surround sources without maxing out the surface. We were also impressed with the fact that the console’s preamps feature plenty of clean headroom.”

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According to Montoya, the Brio 36 is beneficial to KUED’s studio-based productions, which consist mainly of talk shows and live fundraising events. “Brio’s built-in auto-mixing capability helps maintain a very acceptable background noise level by suppressing unused microphones dynamically in applications when we have multiple mics on-set or on-location at the same time. This dramatically improves the sonic quality of our productions. We found this feature to be especially useful for the Utah State Governor’s press conference show, where we broadcast an unedited exchange between up to 11 individually miked reporters and the governor.”

The user interface helped with the initial transition from the old to the new console, he also comments, but the advanced audio functionality stands out. “A really useful feature for us is having tone available on any input or output—in any format with or without identification. This allows us to track down audio channel issues in our broadcast chain using tone from the Brio,” says Montoya.

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“Additionally, the built-in loudness meter is a very useful tool; we can now be sure our mixes are meeting broadcast standards. The Brio was initially selected as a standalone replacement of a previous console, but with its expansion capabilities, we are already considering additional I/O for other rooms in our station.”

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