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Vice Media Lands Lawo

Vice Media has installed a Lawo mc?56 to handle audio mix workflows for its Brooklyn production facilities.

Brooklyn, NY (May 5, 2017)—Vice Media has installed a Lawo mc256 to handle audio mix workflows for its Brooklyn production facilities.

Vice selected a 32-fader configuration which includes a fully redundant core with 8,196 x 8,196 audio router, full dynamics processing on every channel, and other standard features including AutoMix, loudness metering, and large touchscreen TFT displaysn.

The console will primarily be utilized for Vice News programming that regularly airs on HBO, along with simultaneous provision of live-streamed content.

“One of the deciding factors for the mc256 was its proven performance in applications for live content production in an IP environment, specifically in utilizing AES67 for audio-over-IP interface to the facility’s overall routing infrastructure,” said Vice’s Charlie Travis, vice president of engineering.

“It was the first thing we were looking for and Lawo was the logical choice because of their extensive experience with live production in the IP domain. The ability to integrate the console with our Mosart automation system via Ember+ was a big plus for us, as was the ability to take advantage of Lawo’s custom configuration programming options to streamline our workflow.”