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Wisycom Captures Every Word of jerks

Production sound mixer Philipp Sehling makes jerks sound the best he can.

Potsdam, Germany (May 31, 2019)—Production sound mixer Philipp Sehling relies heavily on the signal range afforded by his Wisycom transmitters and receivers on German comedy series jerks, which is filmed in an improvisational-meets-scripted style.

Sehling works with leading Berlin-based rental house Kortwich Film-Ton-Technik to find the gear best suited to his needs. For jerks, Sehling selected Wisycom’s MTP40S and MTP41S wideband bodypack transmitters along with the MPR30 wideband receivers and MCR42S dual true diversity UHF miniature camera receivers.

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“Kortwich began adding Wisycom to its equipment list and recommended the company to me,” says Sehling. “I tested the transmitters first on some traditional projects, such as [another German series] Jenny – echt gerecht, and had very good results. The Wisycom gear has the best RF range and coordination that I’ve encountered, so it’s perfect for field productions. It is in very high demand at the rental house, but I try to always use it when I can.”

Director Christian Ulmen, who also stars as the main character, prefers to use an improvised script with each take and therefore never knows for certain what will appear in the final edit. Because Ulmen hates using ADR, Sehling and his team must make sure they’re capturing anything and everything.

“As all the dialogue for the show is improvised on the spot, Christian [Ulmen] feels that he would lose a lot of the original feeling in the scene if he had to replace dialogue in post. Instead, he reviews all of the takes to find the best story that he can weave from the improvisational cuts. If I do not capture a line or a word, he will not include it in the scene, so I go to great lengths to get as much clean audio for him as possible,” explains Sehling.

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“With Wisycom, I know that the exceptional RF range will ensure a perfect capture, every time. Wisycom’s implementation into the Sound Devices SL-6 and 688 allows me to comfortably manage everything in one system, which means there’s no fussing to get all my equipment in order while we’re shooting.”

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