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Peek Inside Craig David’s Home Studio

Peek inside Grammy-nominated rapper Craig David’s well-appointed home studio, located inside his $4.3 million Miami, FL penthouse.

A mainstay of the UK charts for two decades, rapper Craig David doesn’t confine himself solely to the rainy English weather, as evidenced by his custom-built penthouse in downtown Miami—which he sold for $4.3 million in late November, according to the Miami Herald. The 1,895-square-foot condo came complete with a home studio he recorded in throughout his time at the abode.

Craig David's Home Studio
Craig David’s Home Studio MLS/Miles Goldstein Real Estate

The small studio, situated on the perimeter of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, sports three different doorways, including one outfitted to double as a vocal booth. Despite its relatively small size, the recording space can still get quite loud as evidenced by the numerous sets of studio monitors in the room.

Studio monitors in the space include a pair of mounted white Genelec 8130A Digital Active Monitors, and on either side of the couch, a sizable pair of Barefoot Sound MasterStack MS17s, based around Barefoot Sound MicroMain27s and a lower cabinet with 5″ mid bass and two 10″ subwoofers.

Craig David's home studio.
Craig David’s home studio. MLS/Miles Goldstein Real Estate

Given all the studio monitors in the space, David’s set up understandably includes a PreSonus Central Station Plus Studio Monitor Controller, which you can see at the ready near the desk chair. Just behind that is a Euphonix MC Mix—a late 2000s DAW controller that was reinvented as the Avid Artist Mix after Euphonix was acquired in 2010.

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To the left of the Euphonix controller is a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX controller and standalone mixer. Above that, hanging off a mic stand, are numerous pairs of SMS Audio headphones—50 Cent’s now-defunct headphone company that shuttered in 2016.

David pre-purchased the condo in 2009 for $4.6 million while the entire building was being renovated from the ground up, so he took a loss on selling it a decade later.

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While the two-time Grammy Award nominee hasn’t had much chart success in the U.S., he’s sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, boasting 20 UK Top 40 singles, and seven UK Top 40 albums. His most recent collection, 2018’s The Time is Now, debuted at #2 on the UK albums chart.