Cal Travels with Fireface 800

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McAllen, TX (March 2, 2017)—Latin Grammy Award-winning guitarist, arranger and producer Pavel Cal, who splits his time between McAllen, TX, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico, has been using a RME Fireface 800 audio interface on his projects.

Cal uses his Fireface 800 with Apple Mac Book Pro running both Steinberg’s Cubase and Avid Pro Tools. “I’ve been using my Fireface 800 since 2008,” Cal reports. “Up until 2013, I used my Fireface with a Windows PC before switching over to the Mac—this interface works beautifully on both platforms.”

Cal, who has worked with artists such as Sin Bandera, Juan Gabriel, Armando Manzanero and Kalimba, has used his Fireface 800 for several projects., such as when he wrote and pre-produced the string arrangement for pop artist Natalia Lafourcade’s song “No mas llorar” from the Grammy Award-winning album Hasta la Raiz. He also used the Fireface 800 for tracking some of the musical selections featured on Lionsgate Films’ comedy/drama motion picture From Prada to Nada.

Cal uses his Fireface 800 for virtually all his guitar tracking work in his studio. “I own a wide array of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and amps” he says, “along with a variety of acoustic instruments such as dobros, mandolins and charangos. I work on a lot of arrangements, preproduction in both audio and MIDI, as well as post production sound design work—and my Fireface 800 is with me just about all the time.

“Most importantly, its sound quality, zero latency and excellent stereo imaging are the qualities that help me feel totally immersed in the music that I develop and record,” he says.