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$35K in Gear, Instruments Stolen from Idaho Studio

Thieves stole an estimated $35,000 worth of audio gear, instruments and more from Audio Lab Recording Studio on Sunday.

Audio Lab Recording Studios
Audio Lab Recording Studios suffered a $35,000 burglary over the Halloween weekend. Audio Lab Recording Studios

Garden City, ID (November 3, 2020)—A cornerstone of the Idaho arts scene for 28 years, Audio Lab Recording Studios in Garden City, ID suffered a major setback this weekend, when thieves broke into the facility early Sunday morning and stole an estimated $35,000 worth of audio gear, instruments, tools and more. Police have since taken one suspect into custody and have tracked down a white truck used for the burglary. Most of the stolen items, however, have not been recovered.

UPDATE: Police Nab Suspects, Recover Gear in Idaho Studio Heist

Co-founder/co-owner Steve Fulton told Pro Sound News that some of stolen recording equipment included a Neumann TLM 49 LDC microphone, a Focusrite ISA One desktop mic preamp and an RCF Evox8 portable PA system.

Stolen Epiphone guitar
The stolen Epiphone guitar. Audio Lab Recording Studio

Numerous instruments were also taken, including a ROLI Songmaker keyboard system; numerous guitars including an Epiphone Casino with a Bigsby tailpiece, a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and a Line 6 Variax 700 Series; Hohner and Ibanez basses; and a vintage banjo that had been handed down through the generations in Fulton’s family.

Fulton arrived at the studio on Sunday to discover the front door had been pried open with a crowbar, and that the thieves had torn through the facility quickly, grabbing high-visibility instruments and gear, fortunately passing over some items that were more valuable.

Further exploration revealed that a studio co-owner’s trailer parked in the adjoining lot had also been broken into; roughly $6,000 in tools were removed from it, though some of them have since been recovered.

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Despite the break-in, the studio is still up and running, and now sports a new alarm system. Fulton noted to local station KTVB7, “They didn’t smash things, so I was relieved that they weren’t malicious like that,” later adding, “I feel a little bit sad and concerned for these people. They’re just misguided and making bad decisions.”

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