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Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: Virtue and Vice

By Steve Harvey. Who among us has not suffered from gear lust and the certainty that acquiring that one piece of equipment will, well, solve everything? For Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, owner of Virtue and Vice Studios in Brooklyn, that...


Building La-Rocc-A-Fella Center

By Steve Harvey. Scoring mixer, engineer and producer Jason LaRocca has recently been working on "A Series of Unfortunate Events" for Netflix, but it was a series of fortunate events that led to the relocation of his personal recording...

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: AOFTHEI

NORTHBROOK, IL—Based in an affluent Chicago suburb, Artists of the Industry (AOFTHEI) is a burgeoning creative content agency and production studio with a variety of approaches to music and artist development up its sleeve.

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: Douglass Recording

By Strother Bullins. Housed in an old garage space in the Gowanus neighborhood, Douglass Recording opened in May after a half-decade of planning and development. The studio was designed by Vincent Van Haaff and Jacques LaCroix, and features a...

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: NYC’s GSI Studios

By Strother Bullins. GSI Studios is a new music recording studio located in Midtown Manhattan—something that is increasingly a rarity, offers co-founder and saxophonist Daniel Rovin, who partnered on the facility with co-founders Austin White, a bassist, and multi-Grammy...

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: Beach Road

By Strother Bullins. JUNO Award-winning producer, engineer, songwriter and mixer Siegfried Meier owns Beach Road Studios, a private recording, mixing and mastering facility overlooking lovely Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada on a sprawling farm. At the age of 5,...

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: Big Rude Recording

By Strother Bullins. Based outside of Wilmington, North Carolina in New Hanover County, Big Rude Recording was founded by Chase O’Neal, an energetic young engineer keenly aware of the importance of vibe in recording environments. As such, Big Rude...

Studio Showcase

Studio Showcase: Valenzo Recording

With Mexico City’s Valenzo Recording Studio truly thriving a year from its opening, Horatio Malvicino, designer and managing director of Malvicino Design Group—an architectural, acoustical and technical systems design and consulting firm based in New York City—has much to...

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