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Acoustic Treatment

Post and Broadcast

Stitcher’s Flexible New Facility

By Steve Harvey. Podcast network Stitcher recently moved into its new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, building out a 2,000-square-foot production complex comprising three studios, two edit rooms and two iso booths designed in concert with WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group.


Adele Drummer Adds Auralex

When Derrick Wright needed to isolate his drums for quiet songs on Adele’s recent world tour, he went to an off-stage isolated drum room carried by the tour, created with an Auralex ( HoverDeck under the kit and ProMAX...

Post and Broadcast

Joe LoDuca: Commuting Composer

By Steve Harvey. Joe LoDuca is a rarity among scoring composers, having remained in his hometown of Detroit while maintaining a successful Hollywood career. That distance, and a credit list that stretches back to the early eighties, has also...

Gear and Technology

Digigram Bows Audioway Bridge

By Strother Bullins, Technology Editor. Digigram has introduced the first product for its new Audioway range of IP studio solutions. Audioway Bridge is intended to be a gateway between legacy and IP-based audio equipment in the studio.

Gear and Technology

Delta H Launches ZR Wing

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI)—a boutique acoustics firm and developer of trademarked Quantum Acoustics technology—has introduced its new ZR Wing, a tri-fold version of its original SR24+, which is designed to place behind speakers for reportedly “mastering quality acoustics,”...


Meyer Sound Details 2017 Plans

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love; The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; the Monterey International Pop Festival; and, as it happens, the year that Meyer Sound co-founders John and Helen Meyer first...

Music Production

Oufitting a Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Mount Olive High School (MOHS), rated among the top schools in the nation, made some major upgrades to its facilities over its summer recess, including the construction of a recording studio outfitted with an API Vision analog mixing console.

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