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We need to talk about money…

By Dom Morley. Getting a great engineering gig can be hard, but sometimes getting paid for it at the end can be even harder. Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Dom Morley shares his time-tested methods for getting what you deserve.


The METAlliance Report: Make the Most of Your Room

By Frank Filipetti. These days, any space can suddenly become a recording studio. If you’re working in an up-and-coming facility also known as the Guest Bedroom, Grammy-winning producer/engineer Frank Filipetti has smart, inexpensive and easy-to-implement ideas that will improve...


The Psychology of Mixing

By Dom Morley. The Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer shares some thoughts on keeping an ear to your mix and an eye on yourself.


Hearing It—Believing It

By Dennis Baxter. After talking to many of my colleagues, I will confidently say that if a sound mixer can reasonably hear immersive sound, they can mix it. The question is: How do we get there?


The METAlliance Report: What’s Next?

By Elliot Scheiner. With graduation just around the corner, the METAlliance looks at the post-audio school options for the next generation of studio engineers and suggests looking into an entrepreneurial career path.


Peek Inside Ottmar Liebert’s Home Studio

By Clive Young. Ottmar Liebert rose to fame in the 1990s with his swoon-worthy ‘nouveau flamenco’ acoustic guitar music; in the years since, he’s amassed four Grammy nominations and 38 gold and platinum album certifications in the U.S. alone....


Pro Audio Is on the Rise Worldwide

By Clive Young. What this year’s NAMM Show—and indeed, last year’s AES and InfoComm trade shows, too—proved is that the pro audio industry is once again confident and moving forward.

The Wire

EastWest Releases Hollywood Choirs

Hollywood, CA – EastWest has released Hollywood Choirs, a ground-breaking new vocal virtual instrument. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Choirs is the epic follow-up to 1999’s Voices of the Apocalypse and 2005’s Symphonic Choirs, the best-selling...

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