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Microphones – Wireless Converters


Tackling RF for the Super Bowl

By Julie Clark. Months before two teams ascend to play the Super Bowl, Professional Wireless Systems and ATK Audiotek are laying the groundwork for how they’ll handle RF duties for the big game.


Sennheiser Supports the CMAs

Sennheiser microphones and wireless systems were present throughout the three-hour broadcast of the 51st Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, which turned out to be ABC’s most highly viewed Wednesday night program in three years, attracting 14.3 million viewers.


At AES: The Road Ahead For IP Networking

By Steve Harvey. There are few areas of the pro audio world now untouched by IP networking, and the program and exhibits at this year's Convention reflect that. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, standards committees are working hard to ensure...


Lectrosonics Offers 600 MHz Trade-Ins

Lectrosonics has announced a 600 MHz Trade-in Special Program, enabling North American customers to trade in older and non-compliant wireless transmitters, receivers and IFB units and systems while purchasing new Lectrosonics products from an authorized U.S. or Canadian dealer

Gear and Technology

Review: Hooke Audio Verse

Everyone is a content creator these days. But while we can capture HD video on our smart devices, says Anthony Mattana, “When it comes to audio on our phones, we throw a Hail Mary and say, ‘the mic’s open.’...

Gear and Technology

Digigram Bows Audioway Bridge

By Strother Bullins, Technology Editor. Digigram has introduced the first product for its new Audioway range of IP studio solutions. Audioway Bridge is intended to be a gateway between legacy and IP-based audio equipment in the studio.

HOW Sound

FCC Issues 600 MHz Consumer Disclosure

By Steve Harvey. The Federal Communications Commission has issued an Order that provides the specific language for the Consumer Disclosure notice to be displayed on wireless mic products operating in the 600 MHz service band.

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